Precision Farming


Precision farming is an IoT farming management solution which was developed to increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products.  By monitoring the entire farm -including pivot monitoring and control, damn levels, boreholes, soil, weather stations, gate control, chemicals used and the crop itself – a farmer has a wealth of information to drive his yield while saving time and resources. Connected sensors, devices, equipment, implements and more give data such as:

PH levels
Moisture Levels
Total Dissolved Solids

With IoT, analytics and AI, farming can drive greater efficiencies and more accurate automation than ever, allowing for increased yield and a better-quality product. Farm to retail traceability, visibility and monitoring of supply chain environmental conditions provides better accountability and proof of condition for chain stores and restaurants. All of the combined allows for a hyper-connected consumer and will enable you to see your product sustainability, environmental impact, production, date of picking and what chemicals and additives used and whether they were safe or not.

Farm-to-Fork Infographic

We have developed a comprehensive infographic to illustrate how Informed Decisions and our affiliates can help you optimise your production lines and facilities.


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