Household Water Management

Our smart water solution has been developed to allow homeowners and business owners to manage their water consumption, as well as bills.

If you can measure your water consumption, you can manage it. Our system can easily, and at a reasonable cost, be attached alongside the traditional municipal meter without interfering with it. The SmartWater System collects and transmits your data, which in turn is made available to the user in an easy to interpret visual format. This information is available anywhere and at any time.

This information empowers you to measure precisely how much water your household or business uses.

The system allows you to check consumption over particular hours or which activities consume the most. You will be able to predict water usage for the next period and make adjustments to your daily routine to save more water, thereby reducing your monthly expenditure.

Imagine the impact to our natural resources if we are all able to manage and measure our water consumption?

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