Connected Restaurant

The Connected Restaurant is a complete monitoring and tracking solution for restaurant owners, appliance manufacturers and maintenance companies, facilitating the monitoring of utilities, appliances, draught beer, coffee machines, fridges and freezers.

From flow control systems to monitoring soda machines, to temperature and door open/close sensors on your fridges, to the status of compressors, ovens, fryers – this solution gives you all the information you need to make proactive decisions about how your restaurant (and the equipment therein) operates, as it happens.

Our technology allows you to increase efficiency, prevent stock loss from the inefficient or broken equipment, minimise your carbon footprint and comply with industry legislation – all while saving money.

Event-Level Data

Fridge door open, fridge door close, compressor on, compressor off


Integrates perfectly with asset management software, maintenance systems and POS units


Reduces equipment failure due to lack of maintenance and warns you of imminent failure that would lead to stock losses


Track and monitor every single appliance


Gives you the ability to manage staff behaviour

How It Works

Our smart devices link to several sensors that measure and report on your equipment’s health and standard operation. This data is sent to a cloud-based platform to be analysed, and alerts are generated to inform outlet owners and maintenance companies of anomalies – allowing for preventative steps to be taken, prolonging the life of your equipment and reducing stock losses while preventing any spoiling of product. Installing a Geo Sensor will enable location tracking, service history and the environment around the fridge unit.


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