Bulk Diesel Monitoring

Fuel is an important concern with all companies, with fuel costs accounting for a significant part of monthly operating costs.

Despite fluctuations in the fuel price, the long-term outlook is for annual double-figure increases due to the global shortage of crude oil. In light of this, do fleet managers give fuel management the importance it deserves?

With the use of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the process of data collection and analysis can be easier. Stationary fuel tanks such as in fuel farms, generators etc., as well as mobile tanks like trucks, buses and heavy equipment, can be monitored remotely.

Our SmartFuel solution for remote tank monitoring allows farms to get accurate, real-time information on tank levels to avoid runouts or unnecessary service calls. The data from tank sensors across the network gives distributors the ability to determine at-a-glance which customers’ tanks need to be refilled and which do not.

Our Bulk Diesel Monitoring solution isn’t your conventional fleet management system, besides vehicle tracking and driver management, SmartFuel Bulk Diesel Monitoring also monitors fuel usage and loads, provides sensor-based incident alerts and data gathering, implements geofencing with safe engine shut-offs, and even tracks container loads. SmartFuel Bulk Diesel Monitoring gives transport companies, car rental agencies and vehicle manufacturers piece of mind and total control of their data through an extensive, customisable online dashboard.

We monitor:


Tank levels in litres and flow measurement in litres


Based on volume and flow

Data Presentation

Platform view & transactional data


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