Asset Monitoring

There has been a global movement, specifically in the restaurant industry, to track and manage assets such as fridges, freezers, ovens and fryers. In response to this trend, we have designed our solutions to provide a fit-for-purpose solution for any requirement in this space.

Asset Monitoring (Fridges, Freezers, Fryers, Ovens)

As an entry-level product where tracking is not the main objective, we have deployed our wireless solution to monitor assets and report on measurements during day-to-day operations. The solution consists of our LoRa gateway and node, and we measure aspects as follows:


Fridge, Freezer, Oil, Oven, Heating trays, etc.


Monitor the amount of open/close of your appliances


Measure run-time of your compressors to determine efficiencies


Soft-serve Ice-cream machines, Bakeries etc

Data on the event is communicated to our platform on an on-event basis to enable greater management and product quality control. Our platform will alert our customers on an exception basis and will allow for preventative maintenance scheduling should something fall outside of normal operating conditions.


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