Informed Decisions offers a layer of visibility, security and control to your business

The need for visibility in your business is the key to identifying the factors that cause loss, shrinkage, and inefficiency. IoT technologies allow you to collect data through multiple connected devices, and gain extensive analytical insights into your processes, systems, and distribution.

In any production, manufacture, or service industry, Informed Decisions gives a layer of visibility, security and control to the output of your business that is only possible with leading technology and hardware solutions that deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions.

Demand for asset-tracking, monitoring and analytics has driven our product development in critical areas. Included in the benefits of each is the ability to capture data based on environmental factors, actions throughout the supply chain, and predictive analytics that give you dependable maintenance, service, and management forecast.

Our technology enables the tracking and monitoring of any asset remotely while giving you the ability to activate various elements based on business rules. An extensive range of offerings means that you will not be left short of a complete solution.

In-line with the industry insights and core capabilities, we designed a solution that will deploy the “Many-to-Many” approach in all aspects of the solution:


Many Sensors
We have integrated over 300 different sensors in varies combinations to a single multi-purpose device


Many Protocols
To truly claim that we connect “any” sensor, we have made provisions for all the major protocols currently used in the world as well as designed the solution to be adaptable to any new protocols that might come along


Many Industries
Our core technology focuses on getting data from the sensor (ground) and passing it through our network to the cloud. This enables the application to be deployed in any industry where data collection is possible


Precision Farming

Precision farming is an IoT farming management solution which was developed to increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products.


Our SmartFuel solution for remote tank monitoring allows farms to get accurate, real-time information on tank levels to avoid runouts or unnecessary service calls.

Retail Monitoring

Asset Monitoring

As an entry-level product where tracking is not the main objective, we have deployed our wireless solution to monitor assets and report on measurements during day-to-day operations.


By applying cost-effective tracking technology, we can ensure that your products arrive at their destination free of damage.

Connected Restaurant

The Connected Restaurant is a complete monitoring and tracking solution for restaurant owners, appliance manufacturers and maintenance companies.

Retail Building Management

In retail building management, it is critical to monitor environmental conditions. Building Management Solutions (BMS), adds more to the needs of the retail building management.


SmartDraught is a complete IoT flow-monitoring and asset management solution for the beverage industry providing for total control of the product, from the filling of the keg to the patron’s glass.

Industry 4.0

Industrial IoT

Our Industrial IoT  solution has been developed to allow industries to manage elements in their manufacturing environment that have previously been out of reach.

Pharma BMS

Pharma Building Management Solutions (BMS), can encompass all the traditional BMS solutions but adds more to the needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Water Preparation Monitoring

Our Water Preparation Monitoring IoT solution offers you complete visibility of the water purification environment with pre-warning of anything that might go wrong.



Smarta-Life™ is a home automation system that measures consumption, detects leaks and gives homeowners effective control over their water and electricity consumption.

Household Water Management

Our smart water solution has been developed to allow homeowners and business owners to manage their water consumption, as well as bills.

Geyser Monitoring

The geyser monitoring solutions give you the ability to take control of your geyser via your smart device while saving electricity and preventing loss due to critical failure.

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