Committed to developing solutions that are highly customisable and scalable to respond to our customer needs.

Informed Decisions is a technology design and manufacturing (OEM) company focusing on solution design and development of IoT (“Internet of Things”)/Industry 4.0 related products for a multitude of customers across various industries.

We have designed our own long-range wireless network that can integrate any sensor, regardless of protocol or level of sophistication to standardise the data communication from ground level into a cloud hosting environment. This two-way communication allows us to securely monitor and control devices remotely while also providing device management services to ensure total visibility and health management of the network equipment.

The unique design of the communications protocol and embedded software improves efficiency, range and overall versatility of the IoT network. In line with this, we have designed bespoke hardware to facilitate the network, but in future, we would be able to license the embedded software for other mass-produced hardware to further expand on our network globally.

Although we provide a full-stack solution, we also have secure data transfer capabilities that allow our customers to consume the data in their preferred platforms.

Overall, our solutions are highly customisable and scalable to respond to our customer needs.


We provide affordable technology solutions that make a difference for individuals as well as corporates

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist our customers with their digital transformation journey by providing full-stack products and services to enable the new world of Industry 4.0

Our Solution

Our solution is focused on improving efficiencies and reducing cost/risk through visibility of their operational environment. Our long-range, low power technology enables monitoring and control of operational environments as well as environments that historically would have been too expensive to monitor or were not considered to be crucial to the operation.

Our Design

We design and develop our own technology and platforms, which gives us the ability to be flexible in the deployment of our solutions. Additionally, our flexibility and adaptability of product mix gives us a significant advantage in the market

Our Development

We have developed an extensive channel partnership model, where each partner is selected based on their industry knowledge and experience. This enables us to deploy our solutions in several industries while keeping our company focused on our core technology. We have successfully implemented solutions in the following industries: Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Asset tracking (Fridges), Retail (Draught Beer, Barista Coffee Machines) and the consumer market (Smart Home)

Our company was founded based on initial market insights that made it clear that the consolidation of efforts between technology and business was needed to unlock the capabilities that the new era technologies enabled. We found that many companies around the world are focusing on either the software or the hardware portion of the industry, but only a hand full of companies that attempts and has the technical know-how to provide a combination of both.

Our product development background has made it possible to understand the customer’s business requirements and translate it into a technical product set that could be used to satisfy a multitude of challenges with a standard technology base. The breakthrough insight being the consolidation of focus areas into a single platform with applied logic and enhanced data to enable trend analysis, forecasting and machine learning.

Our hardware development capability is based on a deep understanding of the technology capability, and customer requirement led us to design a product set that can be configured for multiple applications without having to redesign the technology for each iteration.

We predict that our customers will go through a maturity cycle that starts with monitoring and analytics but will eventually graduate to a monitor and control requirement. To this end, we have designed a solution that will satisfy both states  – in effect future proof of our technology. To date, we have seen a significant shift in line with this prediction.

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