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Unification and interaction

  • July 3, 2018

IoT has become an increasingly popular topic, especially in connection with 5G, which will expand the functionality and infrastructure of smart devices. One of the main obstacles is the lack of uniform standards of work for a variety of devices included in the IoT system. Developers look for the right solution, to find a way to facilitate ‘communication’ with ‘smart’ devices through a normal smartphone.

To take full advantage of the IoT concept and the capabilities of 5G, today’s disparate systems must learn to interact and exchange information. The solution to this problem is a complex, time-consuming and expensive task, but application developers and device manufacturers, together with companies implementing IT systems, will have to agree on the necessary minimum of common standards and protocols. So, solutions will be found that will lead to their unification, much like it was with the set of TCP/IP network protocols.

When this happens, ‘smart’ devices in huge quantities can be organised into a global network of physical objects that are connected to the Internet through gateways (hubs or specialised IoT platforms).

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