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Smart IIoT software solutions

  • April 23, 2018

Looking for opportunities to expand their digital offering and expand the application of IoT to industrial environments, plants and factories, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure aims to change South Africa’s Mining, Food & Beverage, and Waste and Wastewater industries.

“Gathering technical data, tracking equipment and monitoring maintenance activity would help to reduce downtime, process energy use, maintenance costs and time-to-market. This smart IIoT software ultimately serves to make plants more efficient, safer, and more reliable,” says Marc Ramsay, Vice President for the Industry Business Unit, Schneider Electric South Africa.

IIoT technology has continued to develop at a steady rate, and several trends are expected to guide these developments for 2018.

Adoption of IIoT has increased significantly, as more and more devices get connected to the Internet of Things. The networks have expanded, volumes of data have increased, and more information is at risk, it, therefore, comes as no surprise that the focus on creating applications and data storage solutions capable of providing the necessary security has intensified.

“We understand that robust cybersecurity protection is a must, and Schneider Electric’s solutions apply rigorous policies and methodologies to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure. We also assess risk, implement cyber-specific solutions and maintain onsite defences over time. Cybersecurity solutions are applied from the operations perspective while making sure all appropriate IT policies and requirements are implemented. And this, I think, is what sets Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure apart,” he says.

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