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The IIoT: “What’s in it for me?”

  • April 19, 2018

Recent research conducted by IDC found that the industries positioned to invest the most in the IoT by 2020 are manufacturing, transportation, and utilities. According to IDC, the manufacturing industry had a total IoT spend of $178 billion in 2016, and the industry is poised to keep its leading position in that metric until at least 2020.

The research also found that 66% of early IoT adopters in manufacturing say the IoT is now a critical competitive advantage for their business, and 76% say IoT technology has increased insights into customer preferences and behaviours. The benefits that these technologies can have on an organization are significant, so it’s easy to understand why the adoption will continue to increase in coming years and why it’s top of mind for organizations trying to take advantage of untapped data.

Looking at an industrial setting, there are three main personas that will interact with these connectivity solutions. Learn more where technology preferences and priorities come into play for the controls engineer, the plant manager, and maintenance personnel.