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Artificial intelligence for tomorrow’s economy

  • March 26, 2018

The benefits of artificial intelligence for tomorrow’s economy.

Beyond the social innovation AI promises for Africa, intelligent machinery and processes present a rare opportunity for economic transformation.

AI, web-based training programs, for example, could teach more complex skills to a low-skilled worker, and “respond” by adjusting its settings as the worker expresses understanding and knowledge. This type of technology is especially applicable in countries like South Africa, where unemployment remains high and employers cannot fill vacancies due to a dearth of skilled workers. In the services industry, for example, chatbots can do simple tasks that free up customer service reps to do more-complex ones.

Given Africa’s successful leapfrogging with mobile telephony and banking, it is well-positioned to tackle the AI revolution with agility and innovation. The challenge for Africa lies not in manoeuvring AI as a vehicle, but in ensuring that it has capable drivers in government, industry, and civil society.

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