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Screening temperatures remotely with the Geo Sensor

  • March 22, 2018

The Geo Sensor that allows screening of temperatures remotely!

A fridge is important in the various industries it is utilized. The effectiveness of a fridge is especially critical in the medial and food and beverage sectors. Using our smart fridge solutions ensures that our clients’ businesses are protected from damage and loss through our integrated fridge monitoring system.

Hospital workers are among the busiest people, as they have to tackle diverse issues in real time. In such a busy environment, it may be practically impossible for an individual to concentrate on two roles such as caring for patients and monitoring fridge temperatures. Consequently, our innovations have aimed at making everything easier for management as well as health care employees. Our Geo sensor is a monitoring system that allows screening of temperatures remotely. The device offers customized analytics and collects important information using report-generating apparatus to prevent damage of medical supplies that require refrigeration.

Additionally, our Geo Sensor also collects information and sends it to our cloud-based platform allowing our clients to monitor their refrigeration every hour in a week anywhere across the globe. The sensors are often placed on the inside of a refrigerator. Once inside the device monitors grid power availability and temperature data to our cloud server. The correct placement of the sensor allows continuous monitoring of a refrigerator sending information to in charge personnel anytime the temperatures are tampered. The battery backup for the device is up to 12 hours. Our system ensures our clients are informed at all times securing vaccines among other supplies that require refrigeration.

Apart from the health care industry, our refrigeration monitoring systems are also suitable to the food and beverage sectors. Our hassle-free system allows users to monitor the number of times that a fridge is opened and closed. In the food and beverage sector, food safety and quality are imperative as they have a direct influence on a brand or business. Installing our systems ensures a brand or business has its quality standards improved, decreases losses through damaged products in refrigerators, and avoids negative publicity that may emanate from food safety.

In the food and beverage sectors, business owners may have many fridges, freezers, as well as cold rooms. All the preservation devices are important but installing our fridge monitoring system enhances their performance. Our system has a wireless temperature structure that prevents food spoilage due to human errors. The systems store information automatically and send an alarm notification any time the temperature requirements are compromised. An alarm is put in place to alert anyone using a refrigerator of an open door as well as the rise of temperatures. The alarms are essential as they prompt a faster response decreasing the energy needed to restore cool conditions.

Refrigerators are critical in ensuring quality in medication and foods in the health and hospitality industries respectively. Purchasing fridges and using various methods to maintain a cold environment may proof difficult especially in busy and populated environments. Therefore, installing systems that monitor the effectiveness of a fridge is critical in the two sectors. For that reason, a Geo Sensor would be the best solution for businesses in the two industries.