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The next extraordinary stage of IoT

  • March 13, 2018

Our perception of connectivity has shifted so drastically, that we’ve only just begun to realise that the Internet of Things goes further than a connected fridge, sensor-embedded lightbulbs or even the presence of Alexa in the home.

The next extraordinary stage of IoT involves connecting the connected. We now look forward to ecosystems (cars, homes and cities) of connected things working together to create this IoT world.

Smart devices are collecting, and analysing data based on our interactions with them – a process referred to as machine learning.

Household IoT things, such as Alexa or even Google Assistant, have an element of self-improvement, as they discover new ways to integrate themselves into the lives of their users.

The information gathered by these devices and sent to the cloud for analysis, serves the purpose of furthering the intimacy between user and device.

Through machine learning, smart home devices such as Alexa can not only live in our homes, but can also exist on our smartphones, to connect us to our homes when we’re at work, as well as live in our smart cars.

This integration will create a seamless experience with a personal touch; the root of which will stem from the data we feed into the devices we interact with on a daily basis.

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