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What is the Industrial IoT? And why the stakes are so high

  • February 9, 2018

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, connects machines and devices in industries such as transportation, power generation, and healthcare. The potential is high and so are the risks.

Everyone’s heard of the IoT – smart thermostats, Internet-connected refrigerators, connected lightbulbs – but there’s a subset called industrial IoT that has a much more significant day-to-day impact on businesses, safety and even lives.

The term IIoT refers to the Industrial Internet of Things. In broad strokes, it’s the application of instrumentation and connected sensors and other devices to machinery and vehicles in the transport, energy and industrial sectors.

What that means in practice varies widely. One IIoT system could be as simple as a connected rat trap that texts home to say that it’s been activated, while another might be as complicated as a fully automated mass production line that tracks maintenance, productivity and even ordering and shipping information across a huge, multi-layered network.

Read the full detailed article where the following ideas are discussed:

  • How the industrial internet of things is different from IoT
  • Is IIoT its own category?
  • What are businesses doing with the industrial IoT?
  • Do you need to implement IIoT differently?
  • How does machine-to-machine communication let the IIot talk to everything?
  • What about IIoTsecurity and other concerns?
Article Source by bJon Gold for Network World