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Making Informed Decisions Simpler, with the Internet of Things

  • January 25, 2018

IoT simplifies management, control, and analysis of your production supply-chain

What is the Internet of Things?

Physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items connected to a remote control and analytics system. They are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data.

How can we apply the benefit to business?

With a broadband internet connection, your business can connect to any part of your supply chain and monitor your manufacture, distribution, and outlet delivery processes.

It Starts with Beer – as most great stories do.

We use our flagship solution – SmartDraught – as our go-to example of a great application of IoT technology to improve business output.

The solution was developed to monitor and curb losses and shrinkage throughout the draught-beer supply chain – whether through keg-related shortfalls, warehousing problems, cold-chain failures, or outlet inefficiencies.

Draught beer is almost a liability for restaurants and pubs because the tracking of kegs by weight and consequent usage has been difficult. Profitability is lower than for bottled products, because factory-based under-supply, theft, and losses are harder to manage.

SmartDraught uses digital flow metres to create a system in which the draught beer can be measured, monitored, and tracked on each step of the draught beer journey.

The SmartDraught IoT Solution

In manufacture:

The SmartDraught system integrates seamlessly with the production and distribution process, giving key data on litres per keg, keg temperatures, transport temperatures, wastage throughout the process, and a full keg lifecycle overview.

It also supplies analytics in real-time, to give insights on production trends, glassware supplies required, and accurate volumes per keg.

This data can be used from the start of production right through to the return of the keg.

With environmental tracking, Informed Decisions allows you to monitor and track temperatures during transport and other factors that may affect the quality of the draught from factory to outlet. It also gives a view of the environment (temperature, weather, and more) when the pours occur, for insights into seasonal or situational consumer behaviour.

In outlets:

SmartDraught gives restaurant and pub owners the ability to see and report irregularities in keg volumes, identify problems with kegs, and track bar-staff’s pours to mitigate losses. Our cashless-payment technology can be used for both patrons and staff members, giving tracking data on staff performance and, in the event it is required, customer usage.

Our focus areas, in order of priority, include:

  • Shrinkage and volume management
  • Stock management and staff management
  • Beer quality in terms of temperature, shelf-life, and batch quality
  • Cashless payment systems

The result:

Reduced losses and greater profitability throughout the draught beer supply chain.

This battle-tested solution has fed into numerous other applications focused on asset-tracking, performance monitoring, and data aggregation that gives a holistic view of systems and machinery that you use in manufacture and distribution of your product.

Informed Decisions delivers not only the software but also the hardware links required to track and monitor your assets with confidence.

So which businesses stand to gain the most from the implementation of IoT solutions?

7 Top Candidates for IoT in South Africa

  • Electricity
    Remote management and tracking of electrical usage in homes and businesses.
  • Gas
    Gas flow tracking and reporting for gas-cookers, heating, and supply.
  • Water
    Water monitoring and usage data, especially useful in areas that are under restrictions, or in businesses that need to monitor a daily quantity.
  • Connected Restaurants
    IoT systems can monitor refrigeration systems or cookers and report on performance for advance servicing, with consumables-tracking options that improve efficiencies and profitability.
  • Fleets
    Monitoring driving, fuel consumption, and time expenditure on delivery or distribution with telemetry that allows remote management.
  • Industrial
    Monitor conveyors, gearbox vibrations, and motors to reduce shutdown due to failure.
  • Corporate
    Management of office systems and office admin tasks – aircon, lighting, and other.